There are apps available for every facet of life, with more than 9 million apps available on the Apple App Store alone. Among those are a plethora of apps that pharmacists could be using to make medication management easier—but not everyone knows about them.

Medication management apps enable enhanced patient education, as pharmacists can leverage these tools to educate patients about the importance of medication adherence and how to manage their medications effectively. These apps also help pharmacists identify potential drug interactions and ensure patients are taking medications correctly, reducing the risk of adverse effects.

Some of the latest apps for medication management for pharmacies are PioneerRx, Winpharm, and Rx30 Pharmacy System.

PioneerRx offers comprehensive medication management tools, including medication synchronization (med sync), adherence monitoring, patient risk assessment, and medication therapy management (MTM) features. Med sync streamlines prescription refills, improving patient adherence and convenience.

Winpharm provides customizable workflows, automatic refill management, patient communication tools, and built-in e-care plans to enhance patient engagement and improve star ratings.

Rx30 Pharmacy System integrates business and clinical operations, automating prescription processing, optimizing med sync, and providing integrated point-of-sale solutions for seamless patient experiences.

Irene Brako, PharmD, a pharmacy manager in Lorton, Virginia, recommended some other top medication management apps. “My top picks are MediSafe, RoundHealth, and MangoHealth,” she said. “Each of these apps offers different features that can help pharmacists encourage their patients to stay on track with their medications.” MediSafe, she noted, is of particular value to pharmacists due to its patient-centric approach to medication management.

“I recommend this app to my customers to enhance medication adherence,” Brako said. “The app offers features such as coupons, medication history tracking, and reminders which make it easier for patients to stay on top of their medications and be more adherent.”

Through its partnership with GoodRx, MediSafe users can get coupons for their next medications directly in the app, which makes the app especially helpful for low-income patients. MediSafe keeps track of the shape, color, and size of all the medications a patient takes and can accurately keep track of medication history. This is useful when patients switch pharmacies or relocate to a different state.

“The app sends notifications to remind users when it’s time to take their medications, which is especially helpful for patients who have difficulty remembering to take their medications,” Brako explained. “All of these features make MediSafe an invaluable tool for pharmacists and patients alike.”

RoundHealth is a medication reminder app designed to help users remember to take their pills. The app is simple to set up and does a nice job of unobtrusively reminding patients when to take their medications. Users can program in dosing for a fairly extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as supplements.

The Mango Health app also offers customizable reminders for pills and supplements. In addition, patients can receive healthy habit reminders, drug interaction warnings, and refill alerts. This is highly recommended by pharmacists.

Pharmacists can learn about these apps—and many more—through various channels. Professional organizations such as the American Pharmacists Association often provide resources and training on the latest healthcare technologies, including medication management apps.

Many accredited pharmacy continuing education programs include information about technology tools like medication management apps. And pharmaceutical software companies frequently offer training and resources to pharmacists on using their products effectively.

“Pharmacists must use apps like these for medication management due to the positive impact they can have on patient care,” Brako said. “These apps empower pharmacists to help patients establish and maintain a consistent medication routine, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.”


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