Roundup: Malaysia-based healthcare generative AI startup launching soon and more briefs


Southeast Asian startup leverages generative AI to simplify complex health data

A startup based in Malaysia and Singapore is coming up with a platform that leverages generative AI to simplify complex health data into comprehensible content. 

Based on a press release, SayHeart has developed an algorithm that can seamlessly translate medical jargon, health reports, and complex imaging into “visual, easily digestible content.”

It is currently in the minimum viable product stage of development – featuring advanced text-to-visual translation, differential diagnosis, and predictive capability for various health conditions – and is launching early next month, August. Later, the startup plans to test and refine its product using local community health report data.

Fujifilm reshuffles Medical Systems units 

Fujifilm Corporation is undertaking a reorganisation of its Medical Systems Group companies in Japan to strengthen its business structure. 

The business strategy and R&D at Fujifilm Healthcare Corporation will be consolidated into the umbrella company Fujifilm Corporation, which intends to rapidly introduce new products and services into the medical field. 

Meanwhile, the domestic sales functions of Fujifilm Healthcare will be integrated into Fujifilm Medical, Fujifilm’s local medical equipment sales company in Japan. Maintenance service functions of the subsidiary Fujifilm Healthcare Systems Co. will also be transferred to Fujifilm Medical Service Solution Co., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Medical. 

The reorganisation is expected to be completed by the second half of 2024. 

South Korea hastens commercialisation of AI gastric cancer diagnosis solution 

An AI-enabled diagnostic support solution for gastric cancer diagnosis has been designated as the latest innovative medical device in South Korea.

The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced the designation of Waycen’s WAYMED Endo ST CS as an innovative medical device, expediting its commercialisation in the medical field. 

The technology uses AI to analyse gastroscopic images and spot areas indicative of stomach cancer. Waycen recently won contracts to supply its product to local hospitals, including Gangwon State Gangneung Medical Center, National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital, and Veterans Health Service Medical Center, as well as St. Paul’s Hospital in Vietnam. 

HD expanding surgery access in Thailand with Johnson & Johnson MedTech

HD, an online surgery marketplace in Southeast Asia, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Johnson & Johnson MedTech (Thailand) to increase access to high-tech and innovative surgical procedures.

Their collaboration also intends to raise the surgical skills of healthcare providers and surgeons operating on HDmall and HDcare, HD’s latest platform that seeks to increase the utilisation of operating room capacities of hospitals and clinics.


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