Suniel Shetty Primathon: Suniel Shetty-backed Veda Rehabilitation and Primathon collaborate to launch app for mental health

Primathon, a Gurugram-based software development company, says it has successfully partnered with Suniel Shetty-backed Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness to launch a mobile app to provide mental health care.

In a statement, the company says the collaboration has resulted in the development of a cutting-edge mobile application “Lets Get Happi” that provides real-time treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app is expected to meet the critical need for cheap, inclusive, and stigma-free mental health care.

On the launch of the app, “The journey towards mental well-being is as significant as any other path we take in life. With the Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness mobile app developed by Primathon, we are stepping into a world where seeking support is just a touch away. Let’s embrace this technology-driven approach and together, build a stronger foundation for a healthier mind,” said Suniel Shetty, Actor, Investor, and Global Brand Ambassador for Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness in a statement.

Founded by IIT Delhi alumnus Sagar Patidar, Primathon says it has created a user-friendly mobile application for Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness. The app seamlessly enables users to browse, explore, and book rehabilitation slots, simplifying the process of seeking much-needed assistance. As a dedicated technical partner for Veda, Primathon invested over a year in collaborating closely to ensure the app’s success.

“The development of Veda’s Lets Get Happi app is a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for positive change in the healthcare industry,” said Sagar Patidar, Founder of Primathon.

The Primathon-developed Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness mobile app is now available for download on Apple Store/Google Play Store.“After a rigorous selection process, we chose Primathon because of one main reason is that they believed in our mission as much we do, the belief is the first step towards bringing a change in the society regarding the importance of mental well-being, Primathon stood on our expectations and deliver the best results of our app, this is just the beginning, we have miles to go,’’ said Manun Thakur, Founder of Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in a statement.Primathon is a custom software development service company that started in 2018 and has worked with more than 100 companies as of now.

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