The role of Bangladeshi doctors and medical professionals in Diabetes awareness


Bangladeshi doctors and medical professionals are crucial in raising awareness about diabetes. Their contributions include:

Education and prevention: They educate the public about the risk factors, symptoms, and complications associated with diabetes. They also guide preventing or managing the condition through lifestyle changes.

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Screening and diagnosis: Doctors conduct screenings and tests to identify individuals at risk of or already affected by diabetes. Early detection allows for timely intervention and management.

Treatment and management: They prescribe appropriate medications, offer dietary advice, and recommend exercise regimens to help manage diabetes. They also monitor patients’ progress and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Patient education: Medical professionals provide patients with information on managing their condition, including self-monitoring blood glucose levels, administering medications, and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Advocacy and policy: They advocate for policies and initiatives for diabetes prevention and management at community and national levels.

National guideline on Diabetes Mellitus: The first edition of the guideline was developed by Bangladeshi endocrinologists and other stakeholders under the NCDC Directorate General of Health Services, ensuring uniform treatment of Diabetes Mellitus nationwide.

Research and innovation: Some doctors research to understand diabetes better and develop improved treatments or interventions.

Community engagement: They participate in community outreach programmes, workshops, and seminars to disseminate information about diabetes and promote healthy behaviours.

Collaboration with organisations: They collaborate with NGOs, healthcare institutions, and government agencies to implement programmes and campaigns focused on diabetes awareness and management.

Telemedicine and technology: With the advancement of technology, doctors may use telemedicine platforms and mobile health applications to reach a wider audience and provide remote consultations for diabetes management.

World Diabetes Day: This day serves as a platform to increase awareness. In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, doctors and healthcare professionals conduct nationwide rallies, free medical camps, diabetes screening programmes, doctor-patient interaction sessions, and scientific seminars.

Social media: Healthcare professionals use social media to post Diabetes awareness content, including healthy eating and exercise tips, eye and foot care advice.

Overall, Bangladeshi doctors and medical professionals play a pivotal role in creating awareness, early detection, and effective Diabetes management in the country. Their efforts are essential in reducing the burden of diabetes and improving the population’s overall health.

The writer is the Head of the Department of Endocrinology & Diabetes at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital.


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